Quarterly Gift Box Subscription

  • Quarterly Gift Box Subscription
  • Quarterly Gift Box Subscription

A quarterly subscription box for coffee and tea drinkers, design enthusiasts, and lovers of handmade small batch pottery!

GREAT for individuals with hand-related needs. Our UX designed cups makes drinking coffee enjoyable. Our patented designs relieve pressure and stress caused by handles.

Say bye-bye to gripping handles and say Hello to Cafe-ERGO!

Your collection starts with the OG, the original Cafe-ERGO patented coffee/teacup in a classic white glaze and made of porcelain. Each box comes with one cup and some lagniappe. Lagniappe is something extra. Since I'm a potter, you'll get another small handmade clay item and some other goodies and info on my favorite artists in New Orleans.

The shipment schedule is as follows:
First quarter - March 7 - 15
Second quarter - June 7 - 15
Third quarter - October 7 - 15
Fourth quarter - December 1- 7

Shipping is included in all gift box subscriptions.