Cafe ERGO is the creation of Gerald Haessig, a vessel that combines modern artistic design and ergonomic functionality. Using a flange instead of a traditional handle combined with a bowl shape that is supported by a cylindrical pedestal allows the user to lift the cup nearly effortlessly. The vessel fits the natural contour of your hand allowing the user to maintain their fingers, hand and wrist in a neutral, natural position that supports principles of joint protection.

As an occupational therapist, I often recommend “adaptive” products to my clients with functional limitations due to joint pain, strength, coordination and range of motion impairment in order for them to participate activities they enjoy. There are numerous cups and bowls on the market designed to address these issues, however in my experience few of them work to the satisfaction of my clients. The products often look too “medical” or “childlike”, only function as a cup or a bowl requiring the user to have multiple items and only address range of motion or strength impairment.

Café ERGO has a modern artistic design, can be used as a cup or a bowl and can be custom designed for right or left handed individuals. When used as a cup, the wide mouth assists individuals with neck range of motion limitations. The curve of the bowl section slows the speed of the liquid entering the mouth and the slight fold in the lip of the edge decreases spillage. This multi-function vessel incorporates joint protection principles which are good for all individuals, addresses multiple areas of limitations, can be used for many activities other than eating and drinking, can be custom designed and has an artist appeal.

I’m thrilled to find an item I can recommend to my clients that will functionally help them enjoy their daily cup of coffee or tea as well as enjoy it socially with friends and family where everyone is using the same vessel and benefiting from the design. Good for your body and spirit. In the world of occupational therapy, this is truly what we mean when we say, “fully engaging in meaningful daily activity”.

- Brenda Fagan, Occupational Therapist          New Orleans, LA ____________________________________________________________________

 “Cafe ERGO is a great alternative for people who have conditions that may impact strength or range of motion in their fingers, hands, or upper extremities, such as: rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, deformities, or injuries.  Gerald has put such thought and consideration in the development of these mugs, blending function and simplicity to create a mug that everyone can love and enjoy!”

 - Jill Reichle, COTA/L and coffee enthusiast   ____________________________________________________________________

We love our coffee mugs.  They are a unique design and fit seamlessly into your hand.  They look great and feel great in your hands with a warm beverage!"

- Sheron & Steve Benton - Baton Rouge, LA


I never thought I would say this but it's the most comfortable coffee mug I've ever held.

- Kenneth Bartholomew - New Orleans


She had complained about other mugs and how her fingers would hurt wrapping around the handle.  No complaints about that since.

- Bill H - St. Louis, MO


Love it! We love it!  We use them every morning.

- Joe B and his wife - Riverside, TN


We love our 2 Cafe-ERGO mugs! We use them for tea, coffee & everything else - just get one already!

- Kendra C. - TX


I've been wanting to write back to you since I received my Cafe-ERGO cup.  I love it.  It doesn't hurt my trigger fingers on my right hand, and I feel very secure using it.

Joyce H. - St. Louis, MO


Grandma loves her coffee cup.  We gave her one as a Christmas gift last year.  It's great when you buy something for Grandma and she likes it.

A couple from New Orleans

We purchased two ergonomic coffee cups and we love them.  They are lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Eric & Genie C.

I absolutely love my mug!  I use it all the time and it's much easier to hold than my other mugs with standard handles!